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  • Home Assessment Inventory

    The National Council on Aging and the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology compiled a list of home assessments for professionals and consumers to support activities that reduce home hazards, improve independent functioning, and lower the risk of falls.

  • Taking Action to Prevent Falls: A Home Environmental Assessment

    A checklist for identifying problems and potential solutions within the home. This checklist goes through key problem areas and fall hazards, providing a framework for addressing these issues via both resident and assessor involvement. (XLS Excel File)



  • The Lifetime Home

    Developed by the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence, this is an interactive resource for older adults, families, and professionals to learn how to make the home a safer and more supportive place for a lifetime, featuring photos of design features from actual homes.

  • Top Smart Home Technologies for Mature Homeowners

    Learn about research from The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence and the MIT AgeLab on the Top Smart Home Technologies for Mature Homeowners and take a tour of The Hartford Smart Home to see how these technologies work.

  • Remodeling Today for a Better Tomorrow

    This website from The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence offers remodeling ideas, videos of livable design features in the kitchen and bathroom, and an interactive home design quiz to help people make their house a home for a lifetime.


    This site serves as an information clearinghouse on home modification to equip consumers with a comprehensive inventory of resources including a National Directory of Home Modification and Repair Resources.

  • Archstone Foundation

    Started in September 2004, this foundation launched a statewide Fall Prevention Initiative in the state of California to help with risk assessment, exercise and environmental modifications for fall prevention.