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  • Archstone Foundation

    Started in September 2004, this foundation launched a statewide Fall Prevention Initiative in the state of California to help with risk assessment, exercise and environmental modifications for fall prevention.


  • Tai Chi: A New Look At An Old Exercise

    Find out more about Tai chi, which is most popular with older adults who seek low impact exercise. Exercise is a key element in fall prevention.

  • Fear of Falling: It’s A Matter of Balance

    This video includes interviews with a group of elders on common thoughts and fears about physical activity that lead to inactivity. The seniors discuss challenges they faced in recovering and maintaining their functional independence.

  • Fall Prevention and Management Aid

    This aid is intended to prompt clinical staff to consider a systematic assessment for determining patients’ risk for falling and to recommend interventions. (DOC).

  • Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor Certificate

    This program is designed to provide physical activity instructors and health care professionals with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to develop and implement fall risk reduction programs in their communities.