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image_providersSuccessful fall prevention involves the three main strategies of: balance training and physical activity; medical management; and, environmental/home modifications. Whether you are a service provider, an interested individual, a caregiver, or an educator/researcher, remember that a combination of all three interventions are necessary to prevent falls in the home and out in the community.

Do you provide exercise or physical activity programs? Are you involved in activities that target fall prevention? Do you provide assistive devices or environmental/home modifications to older adults? Are you a health care or social services provider who is concerned about your clients falling?

This section of StopFalls.Org will provide you with useful information about fall prevention programs that utilize various interventions, especially balance and mobility training, medical management, and environmental/home modifications.

The FPCE Continuing Education Database is a comprehensive list of courses available for service providers awarding a wide range of credits. The courses range from online text to booklets mailed out to students. This database will constantly be updated as new programs and courses become available.

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