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  • Balance Problems

    This document explains balance problems and offers treatment and research options.

  • Exercise for Older Adults

    Provides benefits of exercise, safety, charting progress and frequently asked questions about exercise for older adults.


  • Bruno and Alice: A Love Story in Twelve Parts About Seniors and Safety

    A series of twelve illustrated stories following the whimsical romance of two active seniors who, through lack of prevention, end up in awkward situations and almost miss their rendezvous with love. The stories offer insight into some of the personal preventive measures seniors can take to make their environment safer and prevent injuries.

  • The Hardest Part: Coldplay Music Video

    Our goal at the FPCE and is to make the aging population’s life one that is free from falls. Better mobility and balance is a way to ensure this. This humorous video shows what are goal is for every elderly person.