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Fact Sheets

Home Modification – A brief introduction to home modification, a list of everyday situations that pose risks for falls. Catch Yourself – Simple Steps to Prevent Falls. Preventing Outdoor Falls – Caroline Cicero, PhD Tracking Falls in California: Better Data Needed –
Christy M. Nishita, Ph.D. and In Hee Choi, PhD Assistive Devices – Benefits of assistive devices and
how to get an assistive device Balance and Mobility – Causes of balance and mobility problems Falls and Vision Loss Part 1 – Bernard A. Steinman, PhD Falls ...

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Technical Assistance Briefs

Technical Assistance Brief #1 – Implementing Fall Prevention Components with Participants in Community Programs, Gretchen Alkema, PhD Technical Assistance Brief #2 – Integrating Fall Prevention Components into Existing Organizational Structures, Gretchen Alkema, PhD Technical Assistance Brief #3 – Recruitment of Fall Prevention Coalition Members, Katie Mack, MPA, MSG and Julie Overton, MSG/MHA Technical Assistance Brief #4 – Strategic Planning for Coalitions, Katie Mack, MPA, MSG and Julie Overton, MSG/MHA Technical Assistance Brief #5 – Evaluation Basics for Fall Prevention Coalitions and Programs, Gretchen Alkema, PhD & Phoebe Liebig, PhD Continue Reading

Fall Prevention Summit Proceedings

On December 5-6, 2007, more than 140 invited stakeholders from various fields gathered in Long Beach, California to map out next steps on how California can better address the serious problem of falls in a rapidly growing older adult population.  The Summit Goals were to: 1) increase knowledge about state of the art fall prevention efforts; 2) develop strategies to sustain and replicate promising fall prevention programs; and 3) generate recommendations to improve policies in the areas of Community Programs, Education and Training, Health Care, Healthy Lifestyles and Recreation, and ...

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