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Use surveys to obtain member feedback and satisfaction on the functioning of the coalition, and use the results to make improvements. For more information on evaluation basics for fall prevention coalitions, click here.

Fall Prevention Coalition – Los Angeles (FPC-LA) Member Survey Coalition Meeting Evaluation Form

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Products and Tools

Fall Prevention Coalition of Nevada County Fall Prevention Resource Guide Santa Barbara County Fall Prevention Task Force Fall Prevention Resource List Fall Prevention Coalition of Nevada County EMS Referral Form Caring Choices (April 2006) – Multi-Factorial Fall Risk Assessment and Intervention for Community Dwelling Seniors: The Role of Home Health Agencies

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Strategic Plan

A strategic plan can effectively guide coalition activities and provide a long-term coordinated approach to reducing falls in your community. For more information on strategic planning for coalitions, click here.

StopFalls Napa Valley Strategic Plan Fall Prevention Coalition of Nevada County Strategic Plan Down with Falls Coalition Strategic Plan

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Needs Assessment (Overviews, Surveys, Focus Group Questions, and Results Reports)

Before developing fall prevention efforts in your community, it is important to understand the nature of the problem you are seeking to address, determine what services are needed to effectively address the problem, and who needs your services the most. These preliminary questions can be answered by conducting a needs assessment.

Create an overview of your coalition’s planned needs assessment activities to share with needs assessment participants and to publicize your efforts in the community. Older Adult Surveys
Learn first-hand about older adults’ interests, experiences, and needs ...

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Recruitment and Membership

A crucial step in creating a successful and long-standing coalition is to identify and recruit stakeholders to participate. For more information on recruitment of fall prevention coalition members, click here.

Fall Prevention Coalition of Nevada County Overview Form – Create an overview of your coalition including benefits of participation, recent coalition activities, and member responsibilities to share with potential and new members. Fall Prevention Coalition – Los Angeles (FPC-LA) Resource Inventory Form – Create an inventory of coalition members’ resources so you know who to involve in different activities ...

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