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StopFalls Network Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership to help older adults in CA maintain their independence and enhance the quality of their lives by reducing senior falls and fall injuries.

Our Goals Include:

  • Fostering stronger ties between organizations involved in senior fall prevention.
  • Identifying and promoting fall prevention policy and regulation.
  • Advocating for sustainable sources of funding for fall prevention programs.
  • Assuring high-quality fall prevention-related continuing education opportunities for providers of services for older adults.
  • Sharing fall prevention best / promising practices and resources.
  • Raising fall prevention awareness among seniors, caregivers, the community, health- and social-service professionals, and policymakers.
  • Ensuring that the special fall prevention needs of frail / high risk older adults are addressed.


The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence, as part of its scope of work with the Archstone Foundation, has been charged with building a statewide network of stakeholders to share information, improve practice and advocate for policies that support fall prevention. After months of recruiting network members, forming and convening a steering committee, and strategic planning, the StopFalls Network California held it inaugural meeting in September, 2005. During this meeting, 30 members of the network reached consensus on mission and objectives, formed 5 interest area workgroups, identified gaps in fall prevention services and resources in each one of these interest areas, and began working on a network action plan to guide activities for the next 2 years.

Currently, each of the 5 workgroups (Policy / Advocacy, Media / Communications, Continuing Education, Shared Resources, and High Risk / Frail Older Adults) are in the process of finalizing their portion of the action plan and are now beginning to implement key action plan activities.

Current Workgroups and Activities

  • Policy / Advocacy: providing key fall prevention messages to policymakers, identifying and recruiting champions for fall prevention, and developing a fall prevention policy agenda.
  • Media / Communications: planning a business forum with goals of raising fall prevention awareness in the business community, providing information on best practices and services / resources available, and getting key messages out to consumers.
  • Continuing Education: defining target audience and formulating a plan for researching sources of existing multi-factorial fall prevention continuing education.
  • Shared Resources: reviewing resources currently posted on the StopFalls website and selecting resources created by their own organizations or members of the StopFalls Network for inclusion on the StopFalls Network area of the website. The objective will be to share our own resources with other members of the Network.
  • High Risk / Frail Older Adults: Soliciting funding sources to improve intervention / support programs directed to the most high risk seniors and identifying effective marketing strategies to this group.

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