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The National Home Safety and Home Modification Work Group is a collaboration of the National Falls Prevention Resource Center (NFPRC), National Council on Aging (NCOA) and the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence (FPCE), University of Southern California (USC) Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

(* denotes Steering Committee member)

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Mission: Engage key stakeholders to advance home safety and home modification policy, education, service delivery, and research.

Scope: Home safety related to fall prevention and independent living, home modification, and universal design (HS, HM, and UD).


  1. Influence home safety, home modification, and universal design policies and funding
  2. Increase professional and consumer education and training on HS, HM, and UD
  3. Support existing and new service delivery efforts in HS, HM, and UD
  4. Facilitate new and coordinated research projects in HS, HM, and UD
  5. Improve integration of HS, HM, and UD within existing systems of care
  6. Foster and maximize collaboration among professionals, researchers, and organizations involved with HS, HM, and UD

Administration: The Work Group will communicate by email and twice a year by phone. It will be comprised of Subcommittees based on the first four goals. Subcommittees will determine their meeting frequency:

  • Advocacy/Policy and Funding
  • Professional and Consumer Education and Training
  • Service Delivery
  • Research

Benefits of Participation in the Work Group: include networking opportunities, information sharing, recognition as a member of the Work Group, and the opportunity to play a role in improving home safety efforts across the country. The Work Group will be featured in NCOA and FPCE websites, newsletters, and social media. 

National Council on Aging: NCOA has been a leader in falls prevention beginning with a national summit convened by NCOA in late 2004. This summit resulted in the 2005 Falls Free® National Falls Prevention Action Plan, growth of state and local falls prevention coalitions and movement towards the National Falls Prevention Awareness Day. With funding from the Administration for Community Living, NCOA has led the National Falls Prevention Resource Center since 2014. The NFPRC’s purpose is to:

  • Increase public awareness and educate consumers and professionals about the risks of falls and how to prevent falls.
  • Support and stimulate the implementation, dissemination, and sustainability of evidence-based falls prevention programs and strategies to reduce the incidence of falls among older adults and adults with disabilities.
  • Serve as the national clearinghouse of tools, best practices, and other information on falls and falls prevention.

In 2015, NCOA’s National Falls Prevention Resource Center hosted another Falls Prevention Summit and updated the National Action Plan. This evidence-based plan provides a blueprint for activities to reduce older adult falls and fall-related injuries. The updated Plan includes 12 broad goals, 40 strategies and over 240 action steps focusing on increasing physical mobility, improving medication management, enhancing home and environmental safety, increasing public awareness and education, and funding and expansion of falls risk screening, assessment, and interventions to prevent falls. The Plan leverages the past 10 years of advancement in falls prevention, addresses gaps, and integrates new opportunities, such as those resulting from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The focus of this Work Group is to strive to achieve selected home safety goals, strategies, and action steps related to home safety.

Fall Prevention Center of Excellence (FPCE): FPCE is a part of USC’s Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, the first and largest school of gerontology. Our faculty and staff have conducted applied research in home modification, universal design, and fall prevention for over 30 years. Our goals include: 1) advancing fall prevention as a key public health priority; 2) educating and training a workforce of service providers and professionals in fall prevention and home modification; and 3) facilitating the development and implementation of evidence-based programs that address the FP needs of older adults. FPCE disseminates information through and and offers online training for professionals through our Executive Certificate in Home Modification (ECHM) Program. We have provided technical assistance and oversight to local fall prevention and home modification coalitions and maintain a national directory of home modification service providers.


Home Modification and Fall Prevention Resources developed by NCOA and USC can be found at:, and

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