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On Monday, September 9th, the Fall Prevention Coalition – Los Angeles hosted a half day invitational Fall Prevention Symposium and Call to Action.  It included over 50 key leaders, decision-makers, and directors as well as others who have roles in program delivery and implementation across LA County.

This symposium launched a one-year Call to Action to change the landscape of fall prevention in LA County. Speakers provided attendees with information and tools to help them take action. Time was reserved for attendees to build partnerships and begin developing or strengthening their own fall prevention plans. Attendees are now encouraged to track and share their fall prevention efforts for the chance to win the Call to Action’s Grand Prize (see below).

To participate in the Call to Action:

  • Log your fall prevention awareness efforts on our Survey Monkey link when you want to share your progress
  • Measure your impact on the community using quotes, stories, and photographs and send them to Anna Nguyen at
  • The Call to Action ends August 29, 2014 and the winner will be announced during Fall Prevention Awareness Week 2014

Fall Prevention Awareness Efforts = any concerted effort that expands the organization’s ability to provide fall prevention services or programs [with the goal of reducing fall risk for older adults through education, advocacy, planning, and community action across Los Angeles County]

Examples of fall prevention awareness efforts can include but are not limited to:

  • Screenings
    • Balance and gait screenings using the Timed Up & Go or 8-Foot Up & Go
    • Brown bag medication review
    • Vision screening
    • Stay Independent Self-Assessment screening day with referral
  • Events
    • Fall prevention educational presentation
    • Screening of The Falling Monologues
    • Fall prevention discussion group
    • Tai-chi demonstration with talk about fall prevention
  • Information dissemination
    • Health fair
    • Congregate meal site
    • During home assessment visits
  • New programs, policies, and partnerships
    • Offering a new fall prevention program
    • Developing fall prevention referral pathway in the organization
    • Forging a new partnership with another organization
    • New policies adopted by organization

One grand prize will be determined by a panel of professionals based on:

  • Impact – how many people are being affected and how deeply
  • Innovation – finding unique and novel ways to share fall prevention awareness with older adults, service providers, and policy makers
  • Partnerships/Network building – creating a network
  • Sustainability – how likely is it that these efforts are able to continue into the future; integration into what is currently being done; in budget or ongoing practices

Grand Prize includes:

  • Feature on Aging Well in LA on Channel 35 LA City View hosted by Paul Petersen
  • Feature in online article posted on main USC website, USC Gerontology website, and Fall Prevention Center of Excellence website
  • USC media release written by a USC staff writer
  • Publicity in local newsletters and publications