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As a Fall Prevention Stakeholder, you know how serious the problem of falls among older adults is in your community. However, your local governing bodies and decision-makers, including Boards of Supervisors, City Councils, and Mayors, may not be as well-informed about the impact of falls. Help to educate your local policy-makers and set the stage for their involvement in fall prevention with the StopFalls Network California’s Fall Prevention Advocacy Toolkit.

This toolkit contains everything you need to launch your advocacy efforts, including customizable PowerPoint slides and a script for presentations to policy-makers, a menu of policy options, step-by-step advocacy guidelines, case studies of successful advocacy efforts in CA communities, fall fact sheets, information on accessing local fall data, and other useful resources.

The Need for Fall Prevention Advocacy

Advocacy Presentations

Launching Fall Prevention Advocacy Efforts

Step 1: Identifying your advocacy goal
Step 2: Identifying your target audience
Step 3: Setting the agenda for advocacy meetings / presentations
Step 4: Preparing written materials
Step 5: Making Contact
Step 6: Meeting with your target audience
Step 7: Following up

Fall Prevention Advocacy Tips

Other Resources

Toolkit Resources

Fact Sheets

Sample Documents


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