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nguyenAnna Quyen Do Nguyen is an occupational therapist and research scientist for the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence. As part of the InSTEP Model Programs, she plays a key role in developing home assessment and follow-up tools as well as creating training manuals for the component addressing fall risk factors in the home environment.

She has developed an online home modification course focusing on individuals at risk of falling, created to increase the knowledge base of professionals who work with older adults in their homes. She has also been a guest lecturer on the topics of fall prevention and home modification.

Her research interests include: the role of the environment in fall prevention, how home modifications and changing behavior strategies can positively affect the interaction of people with their surroundings, and how the home assessment process can best address the occupational needs of the individual. She contributes her occupational science and occupational therapy perspective to the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence.

Dr. Nguyen received her Master’s of Arts and post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy from the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the University of Southern California.