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The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence includes the following partners:

  1. USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology;
  2. The Center for Successful Aging (CSA) at California State University, Fullerton;
  3. The VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC);
  4. University of California Los Angeles, School of Medicine;
  5. The California Department of Public Health, Safe and Active Communities Branch (SACB).
  6. USC School of Pharmacy

USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology serves as the program office, is responsible for primary administrative responsibilities and serves as the communication/dissemination site.  They share their expertise in the environment, particularly home and community safety in relation to fall prevention.

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CSA currently offers an Instructor Training program called FallProof.  Their instructors conduct group physical activity classes in the community.  They share their expertise in balance and mobility as a strategy for fall risk reduction.

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GRECC has a history of conducting research in the area of fall prevention.  They share their expertise in medical management of risk factors for falls and are skilled in evaluating existing and developing fall prevention programs.

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SACB works closely with Epidemiology and Prevention for Injury Control (EPIC) to track injuries across the state.  They are involved in identifying the causes and frequency of  fall-related injuries.  They share their expertise in coalition building and creating systems change to improve the programs and services available to reduce fall risk.

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USC School of Pharmacy

Founded in 1905, the USC School of Pharmacy has played a key leadership role in both the advancement of the field of pharmacy and in the education of new generations of pharmacists, and remains one of the nation’s foremost schools of pharmacy today.

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FPCE “Alumni”

• Gretchen Alkema, Ph.D.
• Patrick Beck, M.S.G.
• In Hee Choi, M.I.P.A.
• Caroline Cicero, M.S.W., M.P.L.
• B. Josea Kramer, Ph.D
• Phoebe Liebig, Ph.D.
• Greg Misiaszek, Ph.D.
• Christy M. Nishita, Ph.D.
• Kali Peterson, M.S.G., M.P.A.
• Laurence Rubenstein, M.D., M.P.H.
• Bernard Steinman, Ph.D.
• Rachel Zerbo, M.P.H.