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Our VISION is to create a Center of excellence to ensure the independence, safety, and well-being of older persons through fall prevention.

Our MISSION is to provide leadership, create new knowledge, and develop sustainable programs for seniors and their families, professionals, program administrators, and policymakers. We seek to better understand and identify causes of falls and develop effective interventions at individual, program and systems levels.

In February 2003, older adults, services providers, researchers and educators across the state of California convened in Sacramento to hear about the issues of older adult falls and to discuss strategies for reducing fall risks.  A background White Paper was developed prior to the conference.  Afterwards a Blueprint for Fall Prevention was created.  In March 2004, a one-day special event on Fall Prevention was held at the American Society on Aging/National Council on Aging Joint Conference.  In January 2005, the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence was established to “provide leadership, create new knowledge, improve practice and develop sustainable fall prevention programs.”

Preventing Falls in Older Californians: State of the Art (Invitational Conference, Sacramento, California, February 5-6, 2003) The goal of the conference was to engage a select and representative group of recognized leaders in California’s health and human services for older adults to establish “A California Blueprint for Fall Prevention.” Click on the link above for the background White Paper that was prepared for the conference.

Creating a California Blueprint for Fall Prevention: Proceedings of a Statewide Conference (Invitational Conference, Sacramento, California, February 5-6, 2003) This Conference Proceedings document was written based on the presentations by speakers, and the creative input by all the participants in the workgroups. This document and the White Paper document (see above) provides building blocks for a long-term collaborative effort to reduce the risk of falls for California’s diverse elders.

StopFalls.Org is provided to you as a service of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence created by the California Fall Prevention Consortium (CFPC). We, CFPC are a public-private interdisciplinary partnership drawn from five organizations:

  1. University of Southern California’s Andrus Gerontology Center (Andrus);
  2. The Center for Successful Aging (CSA) at California State University, Fullerton;
  3. The VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC);
  4. University of California Los Angeles, School of Medicine;
  5. The California Department of Public Health, State and Local Injury Control Section (SLIC);
  6. USC School of Pharmacy.