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Selected Recent and Current Projects:

Fall Prevention Coalition – Los Angeles (FPC-LA)
Funded by The Kaiser Foundation

The vision of FPC-LA is promoting safe fall-free aging.  Its mission is to reduce fall risk for older adults through education, advocacy, planning, and community action across Los Angeles County.  Coalition members, including representatives from public, private, and non-profit organizations, have identified “fall hotspots”- zip codes where older people fall at high rates – to help target programs, conducted a Walkability Workshop to highlight hazards to pedestrians such as uneven sidewalks and unsafe street crossings, created a presentation for older adults that is being used by the Department of Public Health Speakers Bureau, and developed The Falling Monologues, a series of performances by an older adult scriptwriter and actors to raise awareness about falls. For more information, click here.

FP Connect
Funded by the Archstone Foundation

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel are often the first to arrive at the scene of a fall.  FP Connect aims to enhance the capacity of Los Angeles EMS personnel to address fall risks and reduce repeat falls.  ‘Ride alongs’ and focus groups with fire personnel were used to develop a home assessment and information tool to be used by EMS when responding to older adult falls.  The project aims to strengthen fall prevention referral networks, coordinate community partners that serve older adults, and facilitate the adoption of FP Connect in EMS operations throughout Los Angeles.

Pills & Spills
Funded by The SCAN Foundation

The purpose of Pills & Spills is to help direct care workers in nursing homes and older adults’ homes reduce falls through medication and environmental interventions.  The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence and the USC School of Pharmacy jointly created six 1-hour in-service sessions with corresponding case studies and video segments of didactic material.  Topics include: 1) Stop Falls: Addressing Fall Risk Factors; 2) Aging, Health, & Falls; 3) Medical Conditions that Contribute to Falls; 4) Recognizing the Link Between Medications & Falls; 5) Personalizing Fall Prevention: The Environment; and 6) The 4Ps:  Pain, Positioning, Potty, Possessions.  For more information, visit (or more information can be found on The SCAN Foundation website, here).

Home Safety Adaptations for the Elderly (Home SAFE)
Funded by The Eisner Foundation

The mission of Home SAFE is to make home safety a more integral component of successful aging and preventive health in LA County by increasing activities and awareness among consumers, professionals, organizations and the wider community.  The project’s home safety focus areas include: fall prevention (e.g., elimination of hazards such as throw rugs, clutter), home modification (e.g., environmental adaptations such as grab bars, better lighting), fire protection measures (e.g., smoke alarms and escape plans), and healthy home strategies (e.g., carbon monoxide detectors, clean furnace). A primary outcome is the development of the Home Safety in Your Community: A Toolkit for Change, with home safety information in English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.  Click here to access the Toolkit and more information on Home SAFE.

California Senior Fall Prevention Projects: Fall Prevention Coalition Development
Funded by the Archstone Foundation

From 2006 – 2009, 10 agencies were supported to create/strengthen fall prevention coalitions in two major areas in California.  FPCE provided technical assistance and evaluated their progress.  Coalitions conducted assessments to identify their community’s greatest needs, created three-year strategic plans to address those needs, and employed diverse strategies to build local capacity to reduce fall risk.  During the grant period, the coalitions established four assessment and referral systems and eight resource directories for consumers and professionals covering 14 counties.  Over 3,800 older adults were assessed for fall risk and more than 2,500 were referred to local services.  Coalitions also trained over 2,800 service providers and educated more than 25,000 caregivers and older adults.

California Senior Fall Prevention Projects: Fall Prevention Program Expansion
Funded by the Archstone Foundation

From 2006 – 2009, six agencies that were providing direct services to older adults to reduce their risk of falling were supported to integrate additional fall prevention components to their programs, such as balance and mobility training, medical management, and environmental assessment and modification.  FPCE provided technical assistance and evaluated their progress.  Over the grant period, the Program Expansion Grantees provided fall prevention services for 450 older adults and educated 7,100 seniors and caregivers on fall risks and fall prevention.